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Thank you for choosing service from Host4Fun .

At Host4Fun it is possible to load your "own , custom Operating System" . To do this , you need to simply open a support ticket and provide us with the .iso file direct download link .

Step 1 : First login to the VPS Control Panel provided by Host4Fun.

Step 2 : Click on VPS Configuration

Step 3: You need to change the Boot Order from Hard Disk To CD Drive

Change To

Step 4 : Select ISO

Step 5 : Click on Submit button

Step 6: Now you need to restart the VPS , to the new boot order is set .

Step 7 : Now click on VNC .

You can use either "Launch HTML 5 VNC Click Browser" or use "Java VNC Viewer"

Step 8: Now you need to continue setuping your OS through VNC .

Step 9:
Once you are done setuping your operating system via VNC .
You must change back the "Boot Order" as below

After that restart the VPS Again and you are ready to Go !!

If you have any questions , please open a support ticket or contact us via live chat .

No custom .iso for any VPS lower then 2GB Ram (minimum VPS Package price must be $10/month or more). No custom .iso for Black Friday or Cyber Monday VPS or New Year Deals or any kinds of Special Offers/Deals .


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