How to Recover Your VPS Data in Rescue Mode  Print this Article

First Read the guide for How to enable Rescue Mode .

Once you have enable Rescue Mode successfully , now you need to login to your VPS using SSH Client .

Download SSH Client : 

Host: Your VPS IP.

Click on button "Open" , afterwards you will be prompt with login option.

Username: root
Password: Your rescue mode password


Now we need to mount your VPS Disk/Storage to Rescue Mode OS .

Run these command:

fdisk -l

You can see the device name here: /dev/vdb1

In some case, it can be different name such as /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdc1

You should see the size of disk device so detect your VPS disk space.

Now, you can need to run below commands to mount this disk to rescue mode OS.

First we need to create mount directory:

mkdir /backup

Now we need Mount /dev/vdb2 to /backup folder.

mount /dev/vdb2 /backup

We have mounted the /dev/vdb2 successfully .

Now we need to access the mounted directory using sFTP/FTP Software .

Download FTP Client :

Once login to sFTP successfully ,now you need to go to /backup directory to access your files.

You can see all your data is here .

Now you can download all your important data from here.

Once you have taken backup of your important data , you now need to disable rescue mode by going to your VPS Control Panel.

Click Rescue Mode -> Disable Rescue Mode.



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